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Life is crazy and when you’re a busy mom it’s even crazier. To bring a little organization to the chaos I always have my planner with me. It’s my road map, my financial adviser, my cheerleader, my health coach, my therapist, my journal and so much more. I always have my planner with me so it can tell me (literally sometimes!) if I’m coming or going.

The Yearly Years

I have used many different planners over the years. I’ve found planners are like shoes. The come in every style, color, size, etc imaginable. One of the first planners I started with in high school was the Mead Weekly and Monthly. This planner offers a monthly section and weekly. The month view offers a great over view and the weekly an area for more detailed planning. Its a nice size for appointment notes, assignments and budgeting but not to bulky to carry with you.

Growing Up

At this point in my life though, as I said my planner is more than just a planner. As I grew up so did my needs in a planner, I needed one that could be more than a planner.I tried many different brands over the years and then I was introduced to the Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas and it was love at first planning.

I loved the idea of my Happy Planner from the beginning because it offered me so many different ways to customize it. The designing filled a creative need that I hadn’t been able to fulfill since giving up on organized scrap booking. There was room for all my lists. (My lists always make me feel like I’m more on top of everything!). The unique disc bound system allowed for me to be able to seamlessly add and removed weeks and months as time progressed. The best part was when one design aspect became boring (it was the cover first, see my self created one) a redesign can re-energize. I could just redesign without having to start over from scratch.

After three years I’m still going strong with my planner and I see our journey continuing for years to come. Check out some of the great designs below.